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Carmageddon 2011

In case you didn’t know, it was Carmageddon in Los Angeles this weekend.  They were shutting down the busiest stretch of freeway in the city (well, it’s actually one of the busiest stretches of freeway in the world), and we’ve been warned for weeks on end through the freeway signs and all the news outlets to “expect MAJOR delays” all weekend.  We were all HIGHLY encouraged to get out of town or stay off the roads.

People heeded those warnings, which made for a very smooth and traffic-free weekend.  Also, the contractors got finished 18 hours ahead of schedule, so what was supposed to take until early this morning finished at 11:30am yesterday morning.  Nice job, people.

Anyway, because of the hype, we decided to do a whole lot of staying home this weekend.  Which, I guess, really isn’t all that different to other weekends.  But still, it felt like you needed to make a grocery store run for bread and milk like we were preparing for some sort of natural disaster, so we did that Friday afternoon.  Actually, we did that because we didn’t want to run out of milk (for lattes) and we needed to buy fruit to bring to the Carmageddon BBQ some neighbors down the street were hosting.

We grilled chicken shish kabobs out back for dinner Friday night (on our new, bottom of the line gas grill that works just fine for us), and I also followed this recipe and made ginger syrup to make homemade ginger ale.  Dinner was great, and the ginger ale was good too, although it is pretty spicy.  It has grown on me though.

The rest of the weekend was a lot of outdoor time, and it was a perfect weather weekend for it.  Here, in brief, are some iPhone photos of what we did around the house to celebrate Carmageddon.

Mike took down the two hideously ugly evergreen wannabe trees/wannabe bushes in front of our house.  I’ve hated those things from the moment we moved in, but it’s taken Mike some time to agree with me.  That whole flower bed in the front has been in need of some love for a while, and this was a good weekend to take it on.

With that, Mike also felt like the sprinkler system valves needed to be dealt with.  He and our neighbor Joseph spent much of Saturday planning and scheming the best approach at hiding them away in a box, replacing valves, rerunning the power, etc.  At the end of the whole thing, Joseph commented that Mike had created a work of art by rehousing them into a box.

Here they are coming up with a plan.

Here you can see the front bed sans ugly evergreen lollipops.  And at the end of the bed, more contemplating between Mike and Joseph.

I, on the other hand, saw rainbow fruit kabobs on Pinterest and was so excited to give them a try to take to our BBQ down the street.  I loved how they turned out, and everyone was genuinely impressed by them.

All the fruit was actually perfectly ripe and really tasty.  It was the perfect combination: strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi, and blackberries.

Sunday we contemplated whether traffic would be bad to try and make it to church.  We hemmed and hawed about it for a good ten minutes.  If I’m being totally honest, the reason we actually decided to go was because we both wanted Stan’s Donuts, and there would be no sense in going to get Stan’s but not going to church.  So off to church (Stan’s) we went.

After church we came home, Mike finished up some things with the sprinkler, we ate lunch and Cade napped.  Then we were off to Lowe’s to buy some plants to fill that front garden bed.

We ended up buying lavender and bottlebrush, the latter because it was on sale, the former because they smelled nice and I’d seen it in the medians in Santa Monica near the church and liked the look.

Here’s a look at the new plants in the front.

I’ll need to take some actual photos of the plants and the house, but these give a snapshot of what our weekend looked like.  Hope yours was fun (and traffic-free).


  1. Love the fruit and Ihope there is some Giner ale on the Menu in August.

  2. Two words. Stan’s donuts! Haha, glad you made it through Carmaggedon! Until next July, I suppose! lol PS. The fruit looks sooo pretty!



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