Posted by: howitallbegan | February 10, 2010

Getting Back on the Bus

As I mentioned, I’ve missed my sewing machine in the last few months.  I haven’t really been feeling up to doing anything.  But since Mike had plans last night I decided to just go ahead and get moving on one quilt project that I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks.

This string quilt tutorial looked really cool and different, and was touted to be a good use of scraps.  And, I’ve been wanting to try some form of paper piecing because I’ve been hearing so much about it lately from friends in the quilting bee.

I especially liked her example of this black and green quilt, and decided I would go with a black and red theme.

The hard part (and incredibly time-consuming part) of quilting is all the precise cutting and measuring.  It always almost pushes me over the edge and makes me want to change my mind about starting the project.  But, after some cutting, I persevered.

Part of the process involved actually sewing the cut out strips on to pieces of paper that I’d cut out to the final sized quilt square.  Hence the term ‘paper-piecing.’

And after experimenting with patterns and sizes, I was able to complete two squares last night, and I actually like the way they turned out.

Two squares down, only 28 more to go…

We’ll see how long this one takes!


  1. Ok, I’ve never seen this before.. I mean, I am completely new to the sewing world, but how fun!! I think I just might try and make one one of these days!!

    …and are you hinting at possible nursery colors?? :)



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