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These two have seemed to want to make a theme of this day – climbing on any sort of perilous object possible. 


Look! It has wheels! What could possibly go wrong?

Not to be outdone…


Let’s both do it!

I’ve had to put a gate up on the steps leading to Cade’s bed because their absolute favorite climbing accomplishment is getting on his bed and jumping around (super safe…). I was closing the boys’ door, but it would get left open and at every opportunity, if I hadn’t seen a baby in a few minutes, I’d know just where to check. 

Double trouble, man. 


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Reading Books

Mike is traveling for work for a few days, so before naps and his flight, he was home for about an hourlong window after meetings and church. 

We were all gathered in the babies’ room reading stories and hanging out before everyone had to get to bed for naps. 


This was photos from reading last night too. I liked the splits photo for its standalone ability. But these show a lot of personality (at least on Coen’s part). 

I’m sure glad all these kids love books (so far).  





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The Splits

She’s close…

(Though not intentionally trying. Just goofing around with Coen post-dinner waiting for mama to finish eating and put her to bed.)


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The Giant Cart

I had to go to Target because we were out of things that can’t be bought at Trader Joe’s and Central Market. 

All the kids were awake and with me. 

They were pumped about the giant cart. 


(They are eating an apple I cut up and brought with me. Fear not.)

Coen and Shiloh alternated time sitting in the seat and riding on my back. 


That thing is like driving a boat. The kids sure had fun though. 

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Obligatory Dental Visit Photos

The big boys went for their first dental visit this morning. 

It went about as expected. Cade had a hard time doing most things but eventually settled in. 


Gage had to be sort of by himself eight feet away because I was with Cade. He handled it like a champ though. He got situated, and was able to watch some new-to-him episodes of Daniel Tiger above his head. 


At dinner he was telling Mike about it and he said sort of shrugging, “It wasn’t scary. They just counted my teeth and then they got the bugs out. And then I picked strawberry flavor (cleaning paste) because that’s my favorite.”


We have to go back for one thing with each of them – Cade because his permanent molar in the back grew in under-developed and had a hole (that is basically a cavity). They said there’s no way that could have developed on its own because it hasn’t been in long enough  to develop a cavity, (a six-year molar) and the rest of his teeth look fine. In fact, the hygienist didn’t see it at first and took a second look and found it. I told her I’d seen it with a flashlight and was mad because I look at their teeth all the time. She said if I could find it with a flashlight and she didn’t see it the first time, she knew I was paying close attention. 

Gage has a couple of small spots he wants to drill out and fill before they turn into a full-fledged cavity problem for the whole tooth. 

(Not surprising considering his parents’ teeth history, his inherited sweet tooth, and his fruititarian tendencies). 

We loved our dentist though. In the end, Cade said he actually liked the dentist… Once they showed him the toy loot. 

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George Washington

Gage and I had an impromptu money chat today. 

He found a dollar bill on the counter, so I showed him that it was George Washington – just like on the quarter. 

Then I showed him the quarter was a profile view, but the dollar was more a facing front view. 

We looked at the eagle on both pieces of money, and we talked about what he was holding in his talons.

I had a 5, so we looked at Lincoln too. But that wasn’t as interesting. 

Which reminded me that Presidents Day is coming up, and so I requested a few George Washington books from the library. 

All of this done in the comfort of pajamas, because most of us around here have head colds. 

These are actually Gage’s most favorite pajamas – he asks if they are clean every night. (Thank you FB yard sale). 

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Lego Mania

The Lego table for “big boy Legos.” Commissioned by Aunt Jennie for Christmas. Built by Tapaw (with design help by Tamaw). 

He has a brain that is capable of memorizing basically every piece he owns. 


Searching and scanning for the pizza guy Lego man’s hat. 

“I know it’s this one because it says pizza on it, mama.” (It also has a picture of a pizza slice underneath the word). 


Indeed it does, buddy. Any old red Lego man hat won’t do. 

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Photo A Day February?

There was a thing I’ve done in the past, once Cade was born, where I’d post at least one photo a day during February. I didn’t do it last year, because, ahem, twin babies and two toddlers had me consumed with survival. 

I think I’ll give it a go though. No promises I’ll make it every day, because as I look out at this month there is A LOT on our calendar. But still. I will attempt it. 

Some might just be photos and a caption. Some might look more like regular posts. Time (and life) will tell. 

For today, I submit this photo. My friend Carolyn and I have been trading voxes about smoothies and it’s inspired me to get back on that kick. One of the things I told her though was that I can’t drink a smoothie around here without serving it to four other people or being hounded and stalked by my children. 

Today Gage and Mike shared a small amount that didn’t fit in my cup. 

Shiloh stalked me (she’s my chowhound; she is always aware of what I’m eating). I finally relented at the very end of my cup. 


She was a fan. (In spite of the fact that both babies cried through the entire blender cycle to make this smoothie). 

This was the tail end of the frozen raspberries we had – so you know, all the little pieces of raspberry that had fallen apart and couldn’t actually be eaten, some frozen mango, a third of a banana, a tablespoon of raw, unrefined  organic coconut oil (shout out to Carolyn for this idea of adding a good fat), two scoops of Tera’s Whey protein powder, a thing of whole milk baby yogurt, some almond milk, a small squeeze of local raw honey, and ice. (My smoothies are usually a smorgasbord of what sounds good at the moment. I never really follow a recipe). 


(And look! You can see some of Mike’s office put back together.)

Gage asked me this afternoon, “Mama could you make me some more of that drink that I liked that was tasty?”

I told him no, but more smoothies were in his future. 

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Gage asked me to get the robot costumes (that I made at Halloween) down the other day. We took them outside and played with them a bit. 

Coen wanted in on the action. 


He was so proud to be like his brothers. 


He really has the sweetest smile. At first interaction he’s a bit studious and shy, and big groups of people overwhelm him (another introvert?). But once he warms up and gets used to his surroundings, he’s off to the races and has a sweet, smiley disposition. 


So happy he’s a part of our crew. 

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Legos at the Zoo

I’ve been getting emails from the zoo about a traveling Lego exhibit that arrived on Jan. 15 and leaves in April.

Last week there was a balmy day in the 60s, and so on a whim I decided we should go when the babies woke up from their morning nap. 


It was really cool. There were signs explaining how many pieces it took and how many hours it took to sculpt each one. 

(Cade came straight home and wanted to play with his Legos). 

I don’t know why Gage can’t look at the camera and make a normal face.  He’s completely distracted by the pay-to-ride train that’s driving around us. 


There were 10 or 15 sculptures. Then there was a play area where kids could build with communal Legos. I couldn’t juggle that and the babies, so we had to keep moving. 

The best part about the day, however, was that the zoo was practically empty. When the weather warms up there will be 20-30 school buses in the parking lot on any given day. It’s a nice change of pace to feel like you got some room to roam (or attempt to cordon of your kids). 

We went and explored the reptile house. I let the babies get out of the stroller, which was the first time I’ve considered purchasing the backpack leashes. 




They literally go in opposite directions. And Shiloh is fast – she basically sprints. The real kicker is that when you say their names they stop, and then when you ask them to come back they laugh run further away. 


What they lack in listening and obedience at nearly 16 months old, they make up for in cute. 


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